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A better way to eat healthy vegan meals.

Delicous & Nutritious Recipes

Give your body the fuel it needs to stay energized and full throughout the day without skipping on taste. Choose from Green Smoothies, Frosty's, Whole Food Smoothies, Nutty Smoothies, Protein Smoothies, Shakes, Crunchy Smoothie Bowls & more!

Quick & Easy  

Prepare your smoothies fast - each recipe calls for simple, easy to find ingrediants so you can be out the door with a nutritious vegan meal in minutes!

Tips & Tricks

This challenge is overflowing with countless smoothie-making tips and tricks plus helpful recommendations of vegan superfoods you can add to your blender to make them more nutrious than ever before!

Smoothie Bowls

Learn 30 new, tasty recipes for all types of smoothies plus bonus smoothie bowl recipes to power you through your days. The varieties are endless!

Simple, Healthy Vegan Smoothies

Getting the right nutrients is just one part of eating healthy vegan meals. To succeed, you'll also need the right recipes, the right advice, and the right planning tips to stick to it.  

Vegan Smoothie Philosophy. 

At Vegan Test Kitchen we believe eating vegan food should aways be enjoyable! We're foodies so we figured out a strategy that works for just about everyone. We don't believe in diets or food trends. We do believe in sharing amazing recipes that are so enjoyable, you'll have no trouble preparing them for weeks and years on end.  

Try these healthy vegan smoothie recipes to fuel your day with superfoods and nutrients!
These healthy vegan smoothie recipes + smoothie bowl recipes will keep you full all day long!

Enjoy quick, easy vegan smoothie recipes + bowls all month long.

Keep the momentum going with 30 smoothie recipes that you won't find on the blog + bonus smoothie bowl recipes for those days you want something different!

Simply put, this Challenge gives you the tools to live happily and healthily ever after. The secret? Commit to this plan for 30 days, and everything will click into place.  

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